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Create Linux General Image for Hyper-V

Prepare Ubuntu general image for Hyper-v deployment is more easy process than Windows, there not SID etc… . After installation of Ubuntu VM on Hyper-V just delete “ssh_host_*” keys  and re-generate new server keys. First step: Login as the root and type the following command to delete “ssh_host_*” keys : # rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_* Second step:… Read More »

Attach additional disk to Linux

  it’s a best practice to use one or more separate disks to store a virtual machine’s data. In this example Linux is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but this steps is a same for CentOS   sudo grep SCSI /var/log/syslog sudo fdisk /dev/sdb press n press p Choose 1 ->  Enter -> Enter (Default settings) Type… Read More »